Founded in 2007 as a Texas Corporation the firm’s nine years of practice have resulted in a solid foundation of technical expertise resulting from experience, and the dedication of our diverse staff to approach each project with integrity. Triangle Engineering LLC (TE) is known for a strong commitment to providing professional services and the development of long term business relationships. The firm provides a comprehensive range of professional engineering services to both the private and public sectors. TE is recognized for their ability to approach projects with continuity in design, reflective of a positive economic and community impact.

Our cohesive teams of experienced personnel have a client-orientated attitude and a multi-disciplinary approach resulting in optimized performance in all aspects of planning, civil engineering design, field surveying and construction management services. While the range of services varies from project to project, TE’s core services are civil engineering, land planning, land surveying and mapping, utility research, planning and the design of utility relocations. TE Civil Engineering Group is proud of our strong reputation in meeting aggressive schedules and the ability to assemble successful multi-disciplinary project teams.